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Dossier de préparation aux journées des 17 et 18 juin 2017
L'affemmée. Études sur l'anorexie

Extraits du Séminaire d'hiver 2017

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seminario pitavy517Samedi 27 mai de 10h à 12h 30 à Rome
Superfici e nodi : questioni cliniche sulla omotopia.

Mercredi 31 mai 2017 de 21h à 22h30, 23 rue Campagne Première, 75014

AMCPSYLebrun080617Jeudi 8 juin 2017 de 14h à 17h, CHRS « le relais des carrières » (Paris 13)
Dans le cadre du Séminaire de l’AMCPSY en articulation avec le « Pôle Rosa Luxemburg »
Trois métiers impossibles : éduquer, soigner, gouverner
A l’impossible chacun est tenu ! Conférence de Jean-Pierre-Lebrun

ASILE TYSZLER0617Jeudi 15 juin 2017 de 9h15 à 17h au Centre de Santé MGEN (Paris 15)

To those absent by vocation

This note is written at the front of the Saturday afternoon audience at the Practical School for the Study of the Resort to Populism, next to the scholars who have come to converse with some psychoanalysts, and faced with their absence in the hall.

It’s true that they are tired, the very recent winter seminar has exhausted them. And besides, populism doesn’t interest them: it’s not clinical, is it?

The audience, nonetheless, is interested in them. That’s why they are now also absent from the shelves of the library dedicated to the students and researchers of a great university city of the east of France, cleaned out in one night of fifty or so works that represented them and without anyone knowing who had given the order. They are absent from the treatment of childhood autism, which a law was soon going to make official, if, once again, I had not stirred, on the very eve of the ballot, with Lola carrying a two hundred page document that she had quickly put together.

But it is also true that psychoanalysts are not in the habit of working since it’s the patient who does that for them; and they do not even make themselves the boss of this worker, that would not be their ethics. Neither worker, nor boss, what are they in society? Nothing, I tell you, in order to not enrich the theme, and it is no doubt for that reason that they accept in advance that the political regime ratifies the fact that they have evacuated all by themselves, even before their exclusion came to be sealed. I presume from their reaction that they will be indignant about being treated according to their own vow. That would be an excess.

Charles Melman

Translation : Michael Plastow

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